Meet the needs of hungry customers through direct integration of your online menus to your Foodics POS.

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The Ultimate Multi-Carrier Shipping Gateway Is Here!

App Details

OTO MATO is a cloud-based solution for restaurants that are looking to unify the F&B delivery experience, through direct connection with online menus, and POS systems.

The solution connects the restaurant’s multi-channel sales (website / application, POS, etc.) to a range of express food delivery companies, which will receive the order directly from the nearest available branch and deliver it immediately to the customer in less than 45 minutes!

No contracts! No Commission Fees! Pay as You Go!

App Features

  • Send your restaurant online orders with the available delivery company automatically.
  • Automatic selection of the best delivery company according to coverage and delivery performance.
  • The ability to follow up and update the status of your orders.
  • Single Integration.
  • Real-time Inventory Updates.
  • Track & Monitor The Performance Of Each Store.
  • Complete Order Info Dispatching Including Products Catalog.
  • Heatmaps To Reflect Online Sales Geo-location.

App Screens​

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