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Otter integrates all online orders onto a single tablet that can link right into your POS—no more manual entry, no more mess.

Increase order accuracy, decrease missed orders and grow sales with Otter and Foodics.

App Details

With an integration to Foodics, Otter helps you avoid double entry, decrease errors and fully integrate your delivery and online channels with your kitchen operations. Orders will be automatically accepted and sent to the kitchen, saving you time on every order. With simplified reporting and menu management, Otter makes it easy to roll out menu changes to multiple platforms and allows your team to focus on delivering the highest quality experience to your customers.

App Features

      • Optimize operations – Delivery orders, menus, locations, and support – all in one tablet – with an integration to Foodics to send orders straight to the kitchen
      • Increase sales – Automated promotions, virtual brands, & more to grow your revenue
      • Understand performance – Consolidate data into one, easy-to-use dashboard to inform your next big decision



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