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Enjoy a multitude of favorite features out of a QR code for each table

More Productive Restaurant Means a Happier Customer

App Details

Qlub enables customers to pay their bills in restaurants quickly by scanning a QR code with their phone. No app or registration is required. Customers can split the bill and pay the bill with Apple Pay, credit card or in installments in a similar manner to BNPL (buy now, pay later).

The benefits for restaurants include a higher potential turnover of tables, more possibility of tips for wait staff and returning customers who enjoy the simple experience. Qlub’s simplicity  also leads to restaurants getting higher ratings on review sites. Obviously, there is also less contact with wait staff, which is useful in the pandemic.

App Features

      • Self check-out solution for restaurants
      • Increase the productivity or your restaurant
      • Save 16 minutes turnover time per table
      • Let your waiters focus on service the customer appreciates
      • Customers don’t need an app or registration


Support Countries

UAE, KSA, Brazil, Turkey, India, Singapore, Japan, Australia

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