Stay on top of your finances with Qoyod’s online accounting service. Qoyod provides quotations, purchase orders and converts them into bills, E-invoices all with the click of a button. Our system updates accounting operations automatically.

The Easiest Accounting Software for Your Business!

App Details

Qoyod is a cloud computing system that does not need to be installed onto any device, it only needs an internet-connected device.

Qoyod is seamless, easy to use, and it is designed specifically for small and medium business owners to manage their own financial accounts independently. It also provides many services including customer and supplier management, easy and quick billing for their customers, releasing professional quotes, purchase orders, and inventory management.

App Features

  • Cost Centers:
    This feature provides a real-time view of all your projects financial operations to inform efficient decisions and drive profitability.
  • Email Messages:
    – Send sales invoice or quotation to the customer immediately upon purchase.
    – Send orders directly to suppliers to facilitate inventory restocking.
    – Send Memos to customers before payment is due, with the possibility of scheduling the transmission.
  • Manage User Roles & Permissions:
    Invite employees as users and assign specific roles to each one, in which each role has distinctive privileges.
  • Activities Log:
    Track and monitor the details of the latest activities and adjustments done by users of the facility through the activities log in Qoyod’s dashboard.
  • File Attachments:
    Attach photographs of bonds, remittances and other attachments relating to sales invoices, purchase invoices, customers, suppliers, quotations, purchase orders, and manual entries.
  • Manage Payments:
    – Pay your bill in whole or in part in the form of separate receipt or payment vouchers, while indicating the date of each payment.
    – Choose the type of account that you have been charged or paid for in the cash or bank account.
    – Add the detailed bank accounts required for each transaction occurring.


App Screens​

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