Ruut App


Give your customers a quick & satisfying ordering experience

Reach Your Customers Wherever They Are

App Details

Ruut allows you to set up on-demand, commission-free digital solutions like online ordering, Logistics, Marketing, and a lot more during uncertain times. Have a REAL reach to your customers!

App Features

  • Multiple storefronts designed to drive directly to your brand, commission-free.
  • Give your customers peace of mind with order & pay at the table or in their cars for pickup, and from their own devices.
  • A seamless and secure payment processing platform custom-built for your business.
  • Stay connected with your customers, let them know where and when they can order from you, and drive with integrated channels marketing.
  • Dig into performance metrics to access business insights you crave.
  • Provide world-class user experience to your customers, where they never have to re-enter their information twice.
  • Full cash-flow control.
  • Integrated, automated, targeted, and Measurable.
  • No coding, no setup fees, launch in a day.
  • Manage meals Subscriptions.

App Screens​

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