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State of The Art Machine Learning to help you with Demand Forecasting and Inventory Optimization, intuitively and affordably.

Let’s Help You Plan The Future

App Details

ShopBrain helps you access the information you need on a daily basis to help in demand planning and getting ready for tomorrow. ShopBrain puts in your hand a powerful forecasting tool that’s flexible & easy to use, designed especially for restaurants.

App Features

  • Insight Module:
    ShopBrain enables businesses with a comparative analysis of branch level performance along with predictive forecasts for a 30-day period. It also allows businesses to foresee other periods through its advanced filtering system.
  • Forecast Module:
    This is where you get your detailed forecast reports to help you plan and optimize your store operations. ShopBrain provides forecasts for Menu items’ demand, and Ingredient or Inventory demand with two modules to help you enhance your forecast results.
  • Events:
    The event feature is designed to add any special event that makes a difference in the sales. Whether external events such as holidays, or internal events such as marketing campaigns. This is to feed the machine learning program thus generating more accurate results for the results, quantities, and ingredients you will need.
  • Inventory:
    This feature enables you to manage and organize your stock with large numbers of components, to be fully aware of the size order, ShopBrain determines your future need for inventory in proportion to the high and low demand.​

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