Electronic Wallet for customers' loyalty points, used to pay government bills and mobile bills.

Pay Your Bills with Ease

App Details

Abkhus is a platform that serves individuals, the private sector, and the government sector. The app provides an electronic wallet that supports points in order to increase the loyalty of private sector customers and facilitate the payment of government bills for individuals.

Abkhus aims to facilitate the payment of financial dues and government bills to individuals, through the loyalty points system for private sector projects.

The integration seeks to urge the private sector to give back to the state by encouraging its customers to pay bills for government sectors such as electricity, water, traffic violations, and more.

The process occurs by transferring loyalty points amassed by the business to their equivalent amount used to pay government bills.

App Features

  • One Wallet for all customer loyalty points.
  • Benefit from Abkhus’ marketing tools and user management for a smoother order experience.
  • Access to a dashboard including all the details about your points and who are the top clients in your business.
  • Your points have a valid lifetime, and you can exchange it with money any time.
  • Easy integration with your Foodics system.


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