Enjoy the best accounting program at a competitive price!

Dafater is an accounting program, designed specifically to meet the needs of your small facility at the lowest available cost.

App Details

The Dafater-Foodics integration syncs all the data of the items, invoices and inventory transactions that take place on Foodics.

Upon performing the integration, you won’t need to re-enter these data on Dafater. Moreover, the integration allows you to display reports, KPIs, inventory effects, and financial effects.

Dafater is the genuine meaning of flexibility and ease of use, where prior accounting experience is not required. It helps you increase your productivity and does not require much effort when installed and configured.

App Features

  • Comprehensive accounting software that provides you with integrated management of your accounts
  • Enables you to generate tax declarations
  • Compliant with ZATCA’s e-invoicing requirements
  • Offers three different packages from which you choose to suit your facility’s needs
  • Competitive subscription value, starting from SAR 50
  • Provides you with two payment methods: Monthly and Annual
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Easy to use by online access only


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