With 12 standard modules and endless customization capabilities; Dida takes your restaurant to the next level

Use AI to Boost Sales, Cut Costs & Know Your Customers

App Details

Darwinz Intelligent Dashboard & Analytics “Dida” is a subscription-based service that provides you with an AI Powered Dashboard tool along with a well-trained data analyst to help you make quick, insightful and impactful decisions based on your restaurant’s real data.

We don’t just show you insights, we guide you with suggested action points and important customer analysis that help take your restaurant to the next level. We cover every aspect of your restaurant business, and provide you with a complete 360 view of your restaurant today and where it’s going tomorrow. Dida is trusted by many of the leaders in the restaurant industry. Download Dida for your restaurant now to benefit from the free trial period.

App Features

      • Monitor all your restaurant KPIs from your desktop or mobile
      • Elevate customer experience & loyalty with personalized offers
      • Forecast sales, minimize customer churn and optimize inventory
      • Know your customers and receive instant feedback and call for action
      • Promote menu items based on real data & customer trends
      • Maximize average customer spend
      • Refine menu engineering & item selection process
      • Customizable modules & reports for your restaurant’s specific needs
      • Global customer support service



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