Eighty6 is a B2B marketplace built to address and solve the procurement inefficiencies between restaurants and suppliers.

Eighty6 is a comprehensive B2B marketplace solution that streamlines the ordering process and reduces operating costs for both restaurants and suppliers.

App Details

Eighty6 is an application that complements the Foodics ecosystem by allowing restaurants to access a wide network of suppliers, an unmatched portfolio of products and exclusive promotions, thus ensuring restaurants make informed decisions on food cost and quality, all whilst streamlining their ordering process and achieving a higher level of efficiency and timesaving.

The integration with Foodics also closes the loop between food procurement and restaurant inventory updating (eliminating double entry), hence increasing efficiency and saving time to allow restaurants to focus on what really matters, COOKING and SERVING the customers

App Features

  • A growing Marketplace with choice of products
  • Your personalized Market list with repeat order button
  • Benefit from supplier promotions on your daily ingredients
  • Price comparison
  • Shop from multiple suppliers with one basket checkout
  • POS integration
  • Order tracking
  • Procurement approval hierarchy
  • Variety of payment options
  • E-wallet to minimize petty cash


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