Select your preferred items and prices to match your budget... Compare and finalize your purchase price or avail financing options. Enjoy quality food and exceptional service.

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App Details

Laranj app is built for restaurant owners seeking process automation. We offer a wide range of foodstuffs sourced from a network of reputable merchants, including hand-picked fruits and vegetables, high-quality coffee, and delicious ready-made meals.

What sets us apart is that our platform gives you the freedom to choose prices that align with your budget, compare prices from different merchants, and even fix prices for better cost management. Additionally, we offer financing options through our deferred payment mechanism.

App Features

Decide your price, compare prices, and order!
We provide you with unique and affordable purchasing capabilities by choosing the most suitable price for you and comparing it with other suppliers or requesting a fixed price through a purchase contract

Rate the merchants and guarantee your choice!
With Laranj, you can evaluate your experience with each merchant and can view everyone’s ratings, ensuring that you have a successful and guaranteed choice.

Choose to finance and buy what you want
We provide you with the possibility of financing your restaurant in the amount you need to make purchases with deferred payments.

Review your previous operations
You can save all your purchases to review them later at any time

Do your business from your mobile!
Easily and quickly perform all your operations using Laranj app


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