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Microtec ERP offers a group of systems distinguished by their interconnectedness and integration that meet all the needs of enterprises in an easy way for their various activities, whether commercial, industrial, service or contracting, and provide the best solutions and services to achieve the greatest return in the field of information technology. Striving hard to fill the void in database software management, whether in devices, networks or the Internet.

App Features

  • Public Accounts:
    – Dealing with accounts through an accounting guide and cost centers at different levels.
    – The ability to deal with the estimated budgets of accounts and cost centers and show deviation.
    – The possibility of dealing with cash flows to know the movement of liquidity during the year.
    – The possibility of dealing with consolidated financial statements at the level of companies.
    – The possibility of obtaining detailed and aggregated audit scales at all levels.
    – The possibility of obtaining the financial statements and comparing them with previous years.
  • Estimated budgets:
    – Providing the necessary messages for measurement and control with key information to make decisions.
    – Help anticipate problems before they occur.
    – Automated actual comparison between the estimated values ​​and the actual values ​​with recognition and showing.
    – Balance budgets for cost centers and compare them with actual balances.
    – The possibility of creating many estimated budgets according to the needs of the establishment.
    – Monitoring to provide an integrated system for evaluating performance by comparing actual results.
  • Sales and customers:
    – Many pricing policies to control the prices of items and services.
    – Supporting free quantities and items.
    – Monitoring sales if they reach the credit limit, both at the customer level or delegate.
    – Automatic calculation of commissions for delegates in more than one way.
    – Follow up the sales goals of the delegates, what has been achieved, the percentage of deviation and the items sold out.
    – Many analytical reports with graphs.
  • HR Management:
    – An integrated file for each employee containing all his personal information and documents.
    – Recording the opening balances for all leaves – absence – employees’ advances overrun days.
    – Full follow-up of employee loans and advances with automatic scheduling and deduction.
    – Follow-up of employee leave, whether paid or unpaid, with its mechanical effect on salaries.
    – The possibility of distributing salaries to projects or cost centers according to the movement of workers between projects.
    – Connecting the system with fingerprint devices with the effect of attendance and departure on salaries automatically


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