Partoo enables you to better manage, modify and publish your store information across the web on channels like Google, Facebook, and Apple, where your customers are looking for you.

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App Details

Nowadays, particularly post-pandemic, the majority of your customers go on Search engines such as Google, Social Media Maps, etc. to look for business-related information e.g. menus, opening and closing hours, ambiance photos, or direction requests. So therefore, it has become crucial for business owners to have complete, correct & consistent information across the Internet.

Thanks to Partoo & Foodics collaboration now you will be able to update your business-related information from one single platform & the same information will get synced across the web so that the next time whenever your client or potential client visits your online listing, they get the correct information. This will make their overall experience wonderful. And helps your businesses go up in local search results organically without being dependent on ads.

App Features

  • The Partoo interface allows you to update your point-of-sale information such as the menu, opening and closing hours, and details about your establishment & then it gets automatically synced across the web on platforms such as Google, Facebook, or Waze
  • From the Partoo platform, you can also publish news through Google and Facebook Posts
  • With all these optimizations your store will organically go up in the search result


Support Countries

KSA, Lebanon, Egypt, Kuwait, UAE

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