With the integration of the Ratehex with Foodics, obtaining accurate information about your products, services and employees has become more accurate.

Evaluate and monitor your products and employees, analyze results and develop your business

App Details

Evaluation system for services and employees. The most powerful system in the Middle East and the latest innovative web system that helps you obtain customer loyalty and gain new customers also by obtaining your customers’ evaluations regarding your level of service and the performance of your employees, using the latest methods.

App Features

  • Evaluate services, employees, and products
  • Distinguishing the best supplier according to customers’ opinion
  • Distinguishing the best employee according to the opinion of customers
  • Obtaining a list of clients, frequency reports, and progress rates for the business
  • Opening a direct communication channel with customers through complaints and quality management
  • Comparison reports between employees and branches
  • Dashboard showing the level of satisfaction with branches, employees, and products
  • Full integration between the two systems to get the most accurate details of operations for each customer



Support Countries

KSA, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt

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