Manage your in house/outsourced deliveries through a single platform.

Redefining Your Delivery Experience

App Details

Yallow Line is the next generation of delivery management systems. We help you manage supply and demand through our solutions.

App Features

  • Yallow (Delivery Management System) DMS:
    – Auto Dispatch
    – Live Tracking
    – Capture addresses via whatsapp share
    – Driver billing module
    – Push orders via web/ mobile and API integrations
    – White-labelled solution
  • Yallow Marketplace:
    – Access a network of integrated delivery suppliers instantly
    – Outsource your deliveries through a network of delivery suppliers easily
    – Manage and coordinate all your delivery operations using a single platform
    – Get a unified experience and data sets with all connected suppliers
  • Yallow Managed Services:
    – Sign a single agreement and we will roll it out across our network of delivery suppliers


Support Countries

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt

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