An app that helps you provide a delivery service to your customers in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

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App Details

Yeswa is an online platform that allows the facility owner to provide delivery service with the push of a button or through direct connectivity without taking a percentage of the value of requests.

It was established in the city of Riyadh at the hands of young Saudis, challenging the difficulties until they had a customer base, a team to track requests, a team of programmers, and Managers whose ambition is sky high.

App Features

  • Delivery on demand:
    When your customer completes his order online or through a call, Yeswa will immediately send a driver until the process is done.
  • Scheduled Delivery:
    A specific time is specified with the number of drivers required and Yeswa will provide what you need permanently.
  • Order Tracking:
    keep track of all your ongoing and completed orders.
  • Easily integrated within your Foodics POS software.
  • Access to payment solutions.
  • 24/7 customer support services.


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