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Use any or all of our restaurant point of sale system in Saudi Arabia and the UAE to make your business run smoothly.

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Cashier Point-of-Sale

Simple installation, easy updating, works offline, and automatically syncs.

We'll manage everything while your staff enjoys the user-friendly graphical interface and connects to the Dashboard for access to real-time transactions. You'll modify your buying decisions according to your sales statistics data and customers desires.

Inventory Management

Monitor your inventory levels and never lose track of stock.

Set stock level notifications and check your inventory on the go online anytime. You’ll never run out of any ingredient or be a food waster, as you’ll be purchasing ahead of time.

Smart Analytics and Reports

Foodics POS system uses Big Data to offer you real-time analytics and reports.

Track earnings, sales, profits and costs in real-time from anywhere, with any iOS device. Special reports are included too to get insight into sales by individual staff or category for the hour, day, month, and year. Other reports calculate customer footfall and customer orders, so you’ll know what some usual customers will order the moment they walk in.

Waiter Digital Menu

Go green and update your digital customizable menu.

Say goodbye to printing costs for seasonal changes in your menu! Modifications are now a tap away with our digital menu. Customers will also be able to add extras or make any changes to their order even after it’s taken.

Employee Timesheet

Get ready to improve staff productivity and reduce customer complaints.

Take full control over your restaurant and manage the dinner rush with balanced employee shifts by generating daily attendance and timing reports to allocate the right number of staff by branch, date and shift durations.

Kitchen Display System

Avoid order mistakes and delays and increase efficiency in the kitchen

Orders are sent straight to the Kitchen Display System to avoid human errors. You can also monitor preparation times, with instant notifications and warnings of any delays. When orders are changed the app instantly notifies kitchen staff, reducing any food waste.

Table Management

Increase table turnaround time and customer experience.

Manage your place traffic and set the right atmosphere by assigning customers to the right tables, so there is space for everyone. You’ll be able to inform oncoming customers of waiting times and deliver the fastest service.

Call Center Management

Increase sales through telephone ordering

By adding another sales channel your customers will appreciate the accessibility of your business. You’ll be able to gain loyalty as the app saves your customer’s name, telephone number, and address. What’s better, their orders are saved too for easier purchasing in the future.

Customer Notifier

Let your customers take control of their order.

Because time is everything, our Notifier App updates customers about the process of their orders. They’ll be able to track how soon they’ll have their food, and instead of staff calling out numbers or names, customers will instantly be notified once their order is ready for collection.

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