Products Overview

What is a Product?

Products are the sellable items or services in your business. A product must belong to one category but it can belong to multiple menu groups and can have multiple product tags.

Product Pricing:

A product has two pricing methods open price or fixed price. The open price method allows the cashier to enter a different price with every new order. And the fixed price method requires you to define the price of the product.

Product Costing:

A product has two methods of costing fixed cost or from ingredients.

You can enter the fixed cost in the product properties, while from ingredients costing method will auto calculate the product cost from its ingredients.

The open price method requires entering product price during selling if the cashier is authorized to sell an open-price product. Fixed price requires entering the price in product properties, and the product can have a custom price for each branch.

Product Modifiers:

You can attach Modifiers to a product to customize it. A modifier can have Minimum Options, Maximum Options, Free Options, Default Options, Excluded Options and can be Splittable.

For more details about modifiers here.

Stock Products

A Stock product is a product that is used as inventory and product at the same time. It is used in retail,(e.g. a pen) you sell the pen and also you track its level, transfer and purchase it from suppliers.

In Foodics, when you create a stock product we add an inventory item behined the scenes and link it as the product’s ingrediant using 1 to 1 ratio.

You can add an option Out Of Stock to a product which indicates that this product is not available for sale temporarily but it will still be visible in the cashier, and it is configured per branch.

Best Practices:

A product could be Chicken Sandwich and Apple Juice. A product tag could be No Sugar, Less Fat and Vegetarian. A category could be Drinks and Sandwiches. A menu group could be Breakfast and Dinner or Delivery Menu

How to Create Products

1- Click on Menu button on the sidebar.

2- Click on Products.

3- Click on Create Product then fill in the details as described above (Pricing, Costing, Stock Products, etc..)

4- Click on Save.

How to Customize Products

Once you’ve created a product, you can customize many things in the product page such as:

  • Custom Product Price per Branch: You can add a different selling price for the product in each branch according to your business needs.
  • Custom Product Modifiers: You can add add modification options to the product such as extra sugar, etc..
  • Custom Product Activation per Branch: You can deactivate the product in selected branches and it will not be available for sale.
  • Product Stock Status: You can set a product to be Out of Stock in selected branches, and the product will be shown in a red accent in the Cashier Application to notify the Cashier that this is out of stock. However, it will remain available for sale.

How to Add Product Ingredients

From the product’s page, you can add ingredients as well to be consumed when the product is sold in the Cashier. The cost of the product will be calculated from the total cost of these ingredients if you’ve chosen from ingredients in the product costing configuration.

In the Product’s Page, To Add Ingredients:

  1. Click on Add Ingredients button beside Ingredients.
  2. Select the ingredients from the inventory and Save.
  3. Click on Edit Quantities to edit the quantities for each ingredient that will be consumed in One Order of this product.

Once you’re done, Save.

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