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Purchasing Transaction

You can make Purchasing Transactions to add inventory items to your branch or warehouse and receive an invoice for these items. During the transaction drafting, you should select items and add quantity and cost for each item.

Note: If the Purchasing Transaction was generated from a PO, then you can only edit the quantity (you can’t receive more than the PO quantity, and it has to be the same cost).

Any Purchasing Transaction must be assigned to a supplier.

How to Create a New Purchasing Transaction

In the Console > From the Inventory menu in the Sidebar > Click on Purchasing:

  1. .
  2. Select “Purchasing”.
  3. Select the “New Purchase” button.
  4. Select the supplier you want to buy from, and then choose the branch to which you want to add the purchased quantity. Then fill-in the Invoice Date, Enter Invoice Number, Enter Paid Tax, and choose the items to purchase.
  5. Save.

Edit a Purchasing Transaction:

After creating the purchase transaction and when its still in draft status, you can edit the purchase transaction:

  1. Click on the purchase transaction.
  2. Edit the information.

Note: The transaction can be edited by any user with authority.

Receive Purchasing Transactions:

After creating the purchase transaction and when it’s still in draft status and you are sure about all its details, select the “Receive Items” button. When you change the status from “Draft” to “Closed”, the amount will be directly entered into your inventory.

  1. Click on the “Inventory” button on the left side.
  2. Select “Purchasing”.
  3. Select the purchase transaction you want.
  4. Select “Receive Items”.
  5. Select “Yes”.


You can delete purchase transactions permanently only after creating the purchase transaction and its status is still in “draft”:

  1. Click on the purchase transaction.
  2. Select the “Delete Permanently” button.

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