Reasons Overview

In Foodics Cashier Application and Console, there are some transaction that require a reason to be completed.

This is useful to restrict sensitive transactions to certain situations only.

For example: You can’t open the drawer in the cashier without adding a reason to the operation first.

You can add as many reasons as you need in the Console for users to assign to their actions and transactions.

How to Add New Reasons

In the Console > Manage > More > Reasons: Click on Create Reason in the section you need, then save it.

There are 3 types of reasons:

  1. Void and Return Reason: In the Cashier application, you’ll be asked for a reason to cancel or refund orders. Enter a name for the reason such as “Quality Issue” or “Customer Cancelled”.
  2. Quantity Adjustment Reason: You can create a reason for Inventory Adjustment such as “Expired” or “Damaged” etc.
  3. Drawer Operation Reason: Drawer Operation reasons for opening the drawer, such as “Taking petty cash” or “Cash Change” etc.

Make sure to sync data in the Cashier Application to reflect your latest changes.

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