Receet is a digital receipt platform that allows customers to get receipts from the POS system on their smartphones using QR Code technology.

Receet makes digital receipts private. The customers are not required to turn over their name, email address or phone number to get a digital receipt.

This integration will enable your customers to receive digital receipts on Receet Mobile App or in a web view through scanning QR code

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For support and contact:

Enabling The Integration

1- Sign in to your Foodics account at

2- Click Here

3- Foodics will ask for your permission

Click Authorize to proceed

Click Cancel if you want to cancel the process

4- After clicking Authorize, you will be taken to Receet. If you got a successful message, the integration is active. If you faced an issue, contact Receet team for support

5- Sign in to your Receet Account

6- Go to Branches section, you should see your Foodics branches added

7- Go to Devices section, you should see your Foodics cashiers added

Now the integration is ready to be used

Note: If you already have an account in Receet, please contact Receet support team at If you don’t have a Receet account, a new account will be automatically created for you, and the details will be sent to your email

Using The Integration

Receet will give you a unique QR code for your store. This QR code should be placed near to the cashier in each branch where you want Receet service to be used

Once the cashier closes an order in Foodics cashier app, the customer should scan the QR code to receive the receipt. This can be done using:

1- Receet mobile app, where the customer can initiate the scan process from within the app, and the receipt will be added to the customer account in Receet. Doing this will allow the customer to store receipts and be able to get back to them at a later time

2- Using any QR code scanning app, the customer will be able to see the receipt in the web browser

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