iPad Kitchen Display

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Reduce Costs

Reduce costs of consumables such as paper and ink.

Increased Accuracy

No more losing, damaging or mixing up order tickets. Easily recognize changes in orders with colored highlights.

Enhanced efficiency

Increase your kitchen's effeciecy by delegating jobs and reducing human error.

Avoid order delays

Get instant alerts and colored warnings whenever you exceed assigned preperation times.


Key Features

Adapts with big screens

From the small screen of an iPad to any screen size, show more orders and take more control.

Monitor Delays

Check and eliminate products taking long times. Always deliver fresh food to your customer.

Summary Mode

A quick mode listing all tickets grouped by products for easy preperation of multiple orders in a single shot.

Apply Filters

Different filters can be applied on tickets for easy preperation of multiple orders in a single shot.

Connect POS with multi KDS

Send one order to multi KDS, route based on categories or products.

View History

Check previously finished orders for review or recovery.

Recall Orders

Bring back finished orders in case it needs modification.

Performance Reports

Get instant performance and efficiency reports to guide you to better business decisions.

Sounds Alert

Get sound alert whenever a new order is received, order is delayed, or changed.