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Never forget again

Never forget the orders and the options you can offer.

Stay active, be healthy

Let customers check out ingredients and watch their calorie intake.

Powered by you

You have the ultimate control of every detail in the menu with a click of a button.

Leave your phone

Let your customers enjoy the experience of scrolling through the ultimate varieties you can offer.


Key Features

Send Directly to kitchen

Save time and energy by sending directly to the kitchen for preparation

Automatic Menu Update

Reduce paper waste and save money with a menu that automatically updates with a click of a button.

Custom Theme

Show your brand personality by customizing the menu to have the look you want.


Let your customers enjoy the experience of making their own orders without the help of waiters.

Customer Friendly

Simple and easy to use by anyone and everyone, just make an order and it will directly come to you.

Informative Menu

View the details of your order from the nutritional values to the ingredients.

Dynamic Most Selling

Know your most sold items and the customer's favorite products in your menu.

Smart Suggestion

Show your customers your new products, combos, and specials using smart suggestion based on their order.

Enhanced Security

Control the access to the menu and make sure that non-authorized staff can't tamper with anything by setting passcodes and special authorizations.