Management Dashboard

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Easy to use

Manage all aspects of your business from a single dashboard.

Real-time Analytics

Check how your business is doing with live updates.

Access from anywhere

You can access the dashboard from anywhere with an internet connection.

Always up to date

Get notified on the latest updates while you're offline.


Key Features

Live Graphical Reports

We understand that the more you know about your business, the better decisions you'll make.

Management Efficiency

Full control over the entire business. Access with flexibility and ease of use.

Staff permissions

Manage authorities of all your employees, give them access to only the areas they need to have access to.

Multilingual Interface

The dashboard is translated into multiple languages, adjust your preferences to have the language of your choice.

Build your menu

Manage your: Categories, Products, Modifiers, Ingredients, & Discounts.

Export Data

Export all the reports to your preferred format.

Manage all your Foodics devices

You'll be able to manage the settings of all your Foodics devices from a single place.

Deactivate items anytime

Manage the availability of all your items with maximum flexibility.

Customize menu for different branches

You can adjust the menu per branch, giving you full control over the customer’s experience.

Manage staff shifts

Manage your employees' shifts and generate monthly reports on attendance and performance.

Setup your discounts

Customizable discounts and loyalty programs.

Customize payment methods

You can add all types of custom payment methods.

Generate coupons

Discount Coupons are a click of a button away, just generate and print.

View order details

Full overview on every order in the system, all branches in one place.

Manage floors and tables

Manage the floor layout of all your branches.