Tags Overview

The tags are used to categorize, organize and group entities in your Foodics Account such as Inventory Items, Customer, etc…

Think of it like Gmail Labels that you can use to filter certain entities with similar features or usage.

You can add many types available for Tags and they are:

  • Customer Tags
  • Branch Tags
  • Inventory Item Tags
  • Order Tags
  • Supplier Tags
  • User Tags
  • Product Tags
  • Device Tags

How to Create Tags

In the Console > Manage > More > Tags:

  1. Click on Create Tag in the section you want to add tags to.
  2. Enter the tag name.

How to Use Tags

Once you’ve create a tag, for example (VIP Customers) in the customer tags section.

You can assign a customer to this tag from the customer’s details page > you’ll find a Tags Section.

Tip: You can use tags in the filters of your reports where applicable.

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