Taxes Overview

Taxes are calculated for each product, modifier option and charge separately. You can assign a Tax Group to each of these entities and assign a tax Group to branches as well.

The way it works is you need to create a tax rate first (for example VAT 5%), then create a tax group next (for example call it Country Tax), and the tax group is what you will use to assign Tax Rates to Products, Modifier Options, Charges and Branches, etc..

How to Add a New Tax Rate

  1. Click on Manage button on the sidebar.
  2. Click on More.
  3. Click on Taxes & Groups.
  4. Click on Create Tax then fill the fields and Save.

Note: You can edit or delete a tax rate by clicking on the tax rate and edit or delete from the popup form.

How to Add a New Tax Group

On the same page, click on Create Tax Group then fill the fields. In the Taxes field, you need to add a Tax Rate that you created in the previous step to this tax group. Then Save.

How to Assing Tax Groups to Products and/or Branches

Once the Tax Rates and Groups are ready, you need to assign them to your branches and menu items in order to be applied during transactions.

To assing a tax group: 1. From the Tax Groups Page, click on the options button (3 dots) inside the Tax Group card. 2. Choose Add to Branches or Add to Products or Add to Modifier Options 3. Select the branches or menu items that this tax group applies to. 4. Save

Now you can sync your data to the Cashier Application.

Note: The same steps can be done to remove a tax group assignment from Branches or Menu Items. Choose Remove from... instead of Add to..

Important Note:

If a tax group is applied on the branch but is not applied on the product, the sales transaction will not include taxes. In order for the taxes to be calculated successfully, the tax group must be assigned to both the products and the branch where these products are sold.

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