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Introduction Mrsool is one of the largest delivery platform in the region. Mrsool’s unique on-demand experience earned it the highest user ratings amongst all the


Introduction Koinz Ordering provides your business with all what you need to receive online orders from Koinz user network. Koinz users order food from Koinz


Introduction Deliveroo is an online ordering and delivery platform that enable customers to make orders from restaurants through Deliveroo app on Android and iOS or


Introduction Deliverect is a unified platform that connects Deliveroo, Talabat, Zomato, Jahez and many other online ordering platforms directly to your Foodics POS system. Menus

Bonat Pick Up

Introduction Bonat is a customer engagement platform with multiple features that support the growth of the businesses As a Foodics user, you can allow your


Introduction aPunch is a digital loyalty system for any kind of business looking to provide new customers with a unique shopping experience. aPunch integration with

Nugttah Loyalty

Introduction Nugttah allows owners to create custom loyalty programs in minutes. Our solution connects business owners with their customer base like never before; by keeping


Introduction Mukafaat Marketing Solution (MMS) is the leading loyalty program provider operating in the KSA market MMS has an in-depth knowledge of the local loyalty


Introduction The strength of a brand is the loyal customers, Greenbill will help retailers to gain loyal customers forever, through different loyalty program options to

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