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Introduction Koinz is a combination of different products that are aimed to help restaurants in growing by getting them more loyal customers Koinz products include


Introduction Receet is a digital receipt platform that allows customers to get receipts from the POS system on their smartphones using QR Code technology. Receet


Introduction Greenbill provides a seamless experience by digitalizing the paper receipts through linking the retailers with the end users, which will reduce the cost of


Introduction OTO is a delivery management system that enables retailers to fulfill and deliver their e-commerce orders from the nearest available physical store/warehouse to the


Introduction GetSwift is a delivery management software for real-time delivery dispatching, managing & tracking in a smart, simple interface. For more details, visit GetSwift website


Introduction Dook is a Delivery orders management platform that provides a dedicated system to manage delivery orders, teams, dispatchers, and drivers. Dook also provides analytics


Introduction OrderLord is all-in one delivery management software that combines orders from every source in a single dashboard with times, locations and customer information. Choose


Introduction Fruits360 is a web-based BI & Analytics SaaS application which aims to provide businesses with easy access to dashboards and reports generated in real-time


Contents Introduction Configuring Xero Integration Items Default Customer Suppliers Tracking Category and Options Payment Accounts Inventory Accounts Inventory Entries Enabling The Integration Doing the Mapping

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