Users Overview

There are two types of users in Foodics: Owner and User, the account in Foodics is owned by one Owner.

Account Owners will have full authorities on all branches, while other users can be assigned to specific roles and branches.

Users will have an optional email/password and PIN number, you can use the password to login to the console and use the PIN number to login to devices.

How to Add User Accounts

  1. Open Users from the Manage menu in the Sidebar
  2. Click on Add User button then fill-in the needed information: name, email and password.
  3. Click on Save.


  • If you want to create a user for the Cashier Application, you have to add the Login Pin for this user.
  • If the user will be just using the Console, they don’t need a Login PIN, However they need an email and password.
  • In the user’s page, you can assign the user Roles and Branches that they have access to.
  • You can also customize your users by adding Tags for easy filtering and reporting.

How to Edit or Delete a User

Change User Password

You can also change the password by clicking on the Change Password button and then saving the new password.

Edit User Details

From the user’s details page, you can edit the user details by clicking on the Edit User button and then saving the new details.

Delete User

From the same user’s details page, you can delete the user by clicking on the Edit User button and then Delete User in the bottom.

Confirm the deletion in the confirmation screen.

Note: When you delete a user it will be only soft-deleted. Meaning you can not create another user with the same email address, and you can restore any deleted user from the Users page > Filter by is Deleted

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