Zyda helps restaurants and retais stores in launching their own commission-free online ordering system in just 24 hours.

Zyda is already empowering +1,000 businesses across the GCC.

This integration will allow your business to receive orders from your zyda-powered online store directly on your Foodics Cashier Application.

For more details, visit Zyda Website at Zyda.com

Enabling The Integration

Note: You must have an account at Zyda before enabling the integraiton, if you don’t have an account, contact Zyda team to create an account for you

1- Sign in to your Foodics account at console.foodics.com/login using the owner email

If you logged in with non owner user, you will not be able to activate the integration

2- Click HERE

3- Sign in to your Zyda account

4- Go to Setup –> Integrations –> Foodics

5- Click Connect Now to connect your online store with your Foodics account.

6- Foodics will ask for your permission

Click Authorize to proceed

Click Cancel if you want to cancel the process

7- After Authorizing, you will be taken to Zyda dashboard

8- Contact Zyda to configure your account for the integration

How to Receive Zyda Orders in Foodics Cashier

Zyda Orders will be received as explained in the Accept Online Orders Article


Q1: Zyda is sending orders to my restaurant but I’m not receiving them in Foodics cashier application

A: Please check the below points

1- Sign in to your Foodics account at console.foodics.com/login, then go to Orders Page. This page will show you all API orders that are in Pending status

2- Is there any pending orders from Zyda?

If Yes:

  • Make sure you have implemented all needed steps to receive online order as explained in the Accept Online Orders Article
  • In the cashier app, click HOME –> Sync Data
  • Ask Zyda to send new orders to test, orders should be received in the cashier

If No:

  • There is an issue at Zyda side in sending orders to your Foodics account. Please communicate with Zyda and inform them that there are no orders created from Zyda in your Foodics account

Q2: How can I sync my catalog across Foodics & Zyda?

A: You may sync your catalog by applying the following steps:

  1. Export your catalog sheet from Foodics.
  2. Copy the IDs of Categories, Products, Modifiers & Modifier options.
  3. On Zyda Dashboard, Paste the IDs into the External ID Column of their corresponding fields: Categories, Products, Variant, Option group & Options.
  4. Import the catalog sheet back into your Zyda Dashboard.

Q3: How can I create my Foodics combos on my Zyda Dashboard?

A: Currently, Zyda does not support combos.

Q4: How can I match my branches between Foodics & Zyda?

A: You can easily create the business locations on your Zyda Dashboard & link it with the branches on Foodics by adding the Branch ID from Foodics Dashboard to its corresponding External ID field on the Zyda dashboard.

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