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Restaurant Management Course

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Free Restaurant Management Course KSA

Why Foodics Academy?

Empowering ambitious individuals

because we know plenty of them, and we believe in their ability to launch their entrepreneurial journey when providing the right training and specialized guidance

Qualifying youth for the job market

because they are the future of the country, and because it's impossible to create a renaissance or build stability without them as our backbone

Deepening knowledge of Foodics’ products & expanding our tech support base

to continuously improve the quality of our services and to maintain outstanding relationships with our clients to increase their return on investment through our solutions

Supporting local authorities with health and safety maintenance

to ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and the prioritization of the wellbeing of the public

What will Foodics Academy offer you?

  • A unified hub for various courses related to the Foodics ecosystem and the F&B sector

  • A solid mechanism for measuring performance and training effectiveness to ensure that participants understand the content and can put the skills to practice

  • Recognized certificates by a leading company impacting the whole MENA region with its innovations and solutions in the field

  • Continuity of qualification and skill development to remain up to date with latest industry trends and maintain competitiveness

Restaurant Management Course

Your journey with Foodics Academy is unlike any other!

Develop your skills with Foodics Restaurant Management Courses


your chances of employment through the academy and its recruitment partners


industry-focused skills and methodologies from a handpicked group of experts


and be a part of a community of ambitious, intelligent and promising talent


the skills you need to succeed with a marketplace full of high-quality learning content

Foodics Certified Restaurant Cashier

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn everything you need to know about installing and using the hero app of Foodics RMS: The Cashier App!

This certificate is for you if you are:

  • A business owner who would like to learn how our Foodics Cashier app works

  • A cashier staff member who deals with Foodics Cashier daily and would like to upgrade their level of understanding to navigate the app better

  • A waiter who uses Foodics Cashier occasionally to process orders and collect payments from dine-in clients

Be among the first cohort of certified cashier users

Restaurant Cashier Course

Foodics Academy: Building a Culture of Learning