Level Up Your Payment Operations through a Direct Integration with Foodics Restaurant Management System

Why Foodics Pay for My Business?

Modern Payment Method

Adding this method is a step forward in digitizing your business

Contactless Technology

Utilize trusted cards through a contactless payment method

Faster & Error-Free Operations

Say goodbye to manual entry and slow checkout, due to full integration with your RMS

Accept All Major Cards

Accept payments by Visa, MasterCard, and Meeza

Extra Payment Method

Don’t restrict yourself to cash and keep up with all client preferences

Daily Bank Settlements

Enjoy payment settlements within 24 hours to your bank account

Fast Onboarding

Benefit from this new solution through our super-fast and professional onboarding process.

Around-the-Clock Hotline

Technical support through our partners 24/7

Payment Terminal

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155 Imtedad Ramsis, Elhay elsades, Nasr City, Namaa Building, 3rd floor.

E: egypt@foodics.com
P: 15796

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