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Your Modern Gateway to Efficiency & Profitability

Boost your average sales by increasing the average order size per customer, while lowering costs in the restaurant by improving operational efficiency at the same time

A Vital Need for Every Modern-Day Restaurant

Higher Efficiency

Say goodbye to long queues, order mistakes, & over-stressed staff

Enhanced Experience

Empower your customers to order and pay by themselves through an intuitive and user-friendly interface

Increased Revenue

Fulfill more orders during peak hours, appeal to millenials and zoomers, and upsell more naturally

Boost Your Restaurant’s Operational Efficiency

Offer a Seamless Self-Ordering & Payment Experience

Grow your revenue streams

Foodics Kiosk


Install your tower kiosk at the most strategic and visible corner of your restaurant and let it make the magic and delight your customers.

Counter Top

Utilize the small size of the countertop kiosk to add a tireless order-taking and payment engine to your human staff.

Table Ordering

Payment enabled

Coming Soon

Improve your staff efficiency and maximize table turnover by enabling your customers to order and pay from the convenience of their seats.

The Foodics Edge

Empowering all types of F&B businesses




Food courts

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