Thinking to introduce digital menus at your restaurant? It is not a bad idea at all.


With the proliferation of technology in our lives, thanks to smartphones and a never-ending list of applications, we have increasingly become oriented to depend on technology. It has transformed from a need into a want.


This mentality is reflected in your customers too, with Digital Signage having a direct impact on the revenue of your restaurant. Why? Because a whopping 74% of the customers believe that an easy-to-read menu is their top priority when they are at a restaurant.

But what makes digital menus click with the customer? Let’s take a look:

1. Higher Engagement

A dynamic Digital Menu with rotating pictures and customized sections entice a higher level of engagement from the customers. At the same time, they set more realistic expectations about how your food looks, increasing the satisfaction level.

Engagement options like vivid images provide a better sense of control to guide the eyes of your customers and improve the experience that they have with your brand. Thus, a lot of information can be conveyed to your customers in a shorter amount of time. And let’s face it, digital menus are fun!


2. Better Inventory Control

[bctt tweet=”Digital menus take away the hassle of manually updating the menus, especially if you have multiple branches – everything will be updated across all locations. ” username=”foodics”]They also give you better control on your inventory with the option of instantly editing the menus if and when any particular dish becomes unavailable.

This gives you a mechanism to communicate seamlessly with your customers, without any confusion about the delivery. Digital Menus can even be configured to change automatically at a particular time of the day or day of the week!


3. Increased Revenues

That’s right. Digital menus have a direct impact on your revenue. “How is that”, you ask? By showcasing the right content at the right time to your customers, motivating them to make impulse buys. Upselling and cross-selling become a breeze and you also have the option to deploy interactive kiosks that allow people to order even before they reach the counter. This is exemplified by the case of [bctt tweet=”Burger King was able to increase sales by 64% in London when they introduced digital menus for the first time in the city in 2010.” username=”foodics”].

What’s more, since the cost of print has gone up considerably, digital menus bring down the expense of initiation, especially if you prefer printing out your specials board.


4. Optimized Operations

Digital menus considerably reduce the waiting time of the customers. Since they now have a pre-installed and integrated menu at every table, orders can be placed faster and with minimal intervention on the part of the waiters. This places the power in the hands of the customers and adds to their experience.

Digital menus make documentation extremely easy and foolproof. With technology, everything is selected by the customers and the information is pushed right into the kitchen for preparation. This makes it difficult to get an order wrong.


5. Data-driven Analytics

Since the whole ordering process can be centralized with digital menus, important data metrics about every order can be collected and used for critical decision-making.


This empowers you to pinpoint the dishes that your customers love the most, as well as the ones that are not working. Digital menus also enable you to capture the time of the day when certain dishes are in demand. This helps you to streamline the operations of your kitchen accordingly.


So stop losing customers and improve their experiences by switching to digital Menus as soon as possible to capture crucial data sets and get actionable insights about your dishes and customers. After all, this is the age of technology and data is the new gold!


Discover how the Foodics Digital Menu can fit perfectly in your restaurant.