Point of Sale Solution

All-In-One Point of Sale Solution

Foodics is an all-inclusive POS and restaurant management solution tailored to adapt to all your needs and goals. Manage all restaurant operations from orders to inventory in one platform. 

Simple & Easy Set Up

Smoothly shift to Foodics, thanks to our plug & play model.

Real-Time Reporting & BI

Adopt data-driven business decisions with real-time, intelligent reports and analytics.

Cloud-based Solution

Stay in control of your business anytime, anywhere.

Tackling All Aspects Of Your Operations

Foodics is built to improve your top of line, bottom line, and facilitate your restaurant’s operations.

Front of House

Guarantee that all your front house operations are in order to provide your customers with the best experience. Have seamless seating charts, order management and review, along with various payment methods. 

Back of House

Organize your back of house and make sure it aligns with your front of house. Ensure that your kitchen staff is automatically updated with the constant stream of orders for the utmost efficiency & accuracy.

Back Office

Benefit from an advanced inventory management system and record real-time reports and insights of all your restaurant activities. 

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Solutions to Scale Up Your Restaurant

Enhance your operations with solutions that will bring a satisfactory experience, both for you and your customers.

Kitchen Display Screen

Streamline communications between your kitchen and wait staff, allowing your cooks to easily read orders and notes with the Kitchen Display Screen.

Cloud-Based Call Center

Locate your call center anywhere in the world and give an impressive experience to your phone ordering customers. Take phone orders, collect customer data, and distribute orders to branches with a click of a button. 

Customer Notifier App

Reduce waiting lines by helping your customers track their orders and automatically notifying them when the orders are ready for pickup.

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