Log in to your current account from the main owner account, Then go to the account information menu and you will find your new account number, then click on the account number to be directed to your new account in F5 as shown in the pictures

When you log into your account for the first time, you will notice some new changes to the system. We will breakdown the steps that you must follow to ensure your data is correct and to start using F5.

First: You must enter the users screen from (Manage > Users) as shown in the following picture.

Then check roles and authorities from ( Manage >Roles ) like shown in the picture 

Double check your employee roles. Cause We changed the roles from application role, business role, and company role, so that they all become one role that includes all authorities. For easier management 

Second: After reviewing your users list. and making the necessary adjustments, you can access the products from ( Menu > Products page) as shown in the picture.

Check the products list, because we created a new product for each size of your products in the previous version. For example: If you have a product in 3 sizes, on this screen you will find 3 products.

Third: After reviewing the list, you can access the screen of the device from ( Manage > Devices) as shown in the picture.

Check your cashier settings, because all settings have been moved to the console screen or control panel, so you do not need to visit the branch to change the device settings.

After confirming these settings, you can download the new Foodics Cashier app to experience all the new features in F5.