All You need to Monitor and Run Your Restaurant

Cashier App

Give your employees and customers an easier and faster purchasing experience at your restaurant. No more waiting queues in front of the cashier!

Kitchen Display System

Create direct communication between kitchen staff, waiters, and cashiers with a restaurant kitchen ordering system that avoids errors in preparing orders, and increases kitchen production efficiency.

Waiter’s App

Facilitate sales and save time giving your waiters the mobility they need to take and send orders on the fly, from any area of the restaurant. More efficiency, less errors.

Real-time Reports

More than 300 detailed and direct reports to give you rich data on the performance of your restaurant, enabling you to make decisions that help you reduce costs and increase profits.

Inventory Management

Enjoy live monitoring of your restaurant's inventory to reduce waste, receive alerts on low stock to resupply, and avoid running out of products.

Delivery Apps Integration

Integrate with top food delivery apps and control all delivery order processes smoothly through Foodics only. No need for multiple devices anymore.

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