Nowadays, it’s impossible to build a long-term successful restaurant without a strong marketing strategy driving your business. 

 There are many mistakes that may be hindering your restaurant’s growth, and marketing mistakes are some that can be fatal for your business. 

 Let’s take a look at key marketing mistakes that you should avoid making.

1. Not Claiming Your Restaurant on Google

People automatically go to Google for any inquiry about a restaurant: What type of food do they serve? What are their opening hours? Where is it located? Google should have the answer. That’s why it’s imperative to have claimed your restaurant on Google to be able to leverage those searches for the benefit of your business as it will allow your business information to appear as soon as your restaurant is searched online. Not to mention that a Google My Business listing allows you to consistently update your hours, websites, menus and other crucial information to keep your recurrent and potential customers up to date. 

2. Not Developing your Social Media Presence

In line with the above, just like in any situation where people’s first instinct is to Google the restaurant they’re interested in, their second instinct is to check their social media pages for images, reviews and general updates. However, not only is social media important for organic traffic, it’s also a key medium to drum up business through paid ads. In today’s landscape, it’s vital for every business to have a strong social media presence to take people behind the scenes of your operations, build a relationship with your customers and most importantly, stay relevant to people. It’s a given that your customers are on social media, so why not use this opportunity to become part of their conversations.

 3. Not Investing in Paid Marketing

To leverage the full potential of marketing, it’s key to allocate a part of your budget to support it. Digital marketing is indispensable to cut through the noise, stay relevant and drive new customers these days. It’s an important investment to make and when done right, it generates a significant return on investment. 

4. Not Focusing on SEO

With the social side of marketing covered, it’s just as important to focus on the search aspect of marketing, and the foundation of this is to work on search engine optimization because it can make or break your restaurant’s discoverability. It’s vital to optimize your website with the right keywords to push your website higher up in the Google ranking and place yourselves in front of the right people and opportunities. 

 5. Not Interacting with Customers or Acknowledging Comments and Reviews

It’s important to interact with your audience and not ignore them, being unresponsive towards your audience can backfire on you. What may start as a positive comment praising your services can end up with a disgruntled customer that stops coming back. In general, it’s key to always respond to your customers’ comments and reviews, whether positive or negative, it’s important to give them the response they deserve and to show them that they’re thoughts and opinions matter to your business and that you care enough to take them into consideration. 

Overall, a strong marketing strategy drives traffic to your restaurant and once you get the people to your restaurant, you can get them to come back with the great customer experience enabled through well-integrated, cloud-based POS software, such as Foodics.