We are always updating the features at Foodics to make it easier for you to streamline your business. What our clients want out of a POS system is our top priority and the latest updates for 2018 are built to enhance your experience as a restauranteur.

New Seamless Reports – We are excited to reveal even more reporting capabilities to help ease your way to a thriving business.

Customer Insights Report – The customer is always right so it’s always best to know everything about them. Enter your Dashboard and got to the Advanced tab to find this valuable report. You will be able to get a full purchase history of the customer, which includes their average spending per visit, the items they have bought and all the dates of their purchases.

Why is it important? You can figure out who your favourite customers are and reward them with offers and promotions, keeping an ongoing interaction and a reason for them to stay loyal to your brand.

Payment Method Timely Sales Report – There are endless ways customers are paying for their food nowadays and you should be aware of what customers prefer. Enter your Dashboard and go to the Sales tab to find this vital report. You can choose to see when each payment was made and which payment method was used by each customer.

Why is it important? If you find that most customers make card payments, that may probe you to invest in even more electronic methods of payment. Apple Pay or e-wallet anyone?

Product Sizes by Order Type Sales – Everyone knows size matters in respect to a pizza. Enter your Dashboard and click on the Sales tab to figure out what size fits best for which order. You will be able to see what the majority of people like to order for eating-in, say a small vegetarian pizza, and order for takeaway, say a large pepperoni pizza

Why is important? If you find out that Friday nights are the peak of large pepperoni pizza takeaways at your pizzeria you will be prompted to adjust your inventory to have enough pepperoni to go around for all.

Order Types Sales – Ever wondered how your customers prefer to eat your food? Wonder no more by entering your Dashboard and going to the Sales tab. Pick any date and timeframe and see how many dine-in customers you got and the average cost of their purchases.

Why is it important? [bctt tweet=”It’s no longer enough to know the average footfall. When you know how customers are dining you will always have the right number of staff to assist in the kitchen, at the cashier and on the main floor, as well as enough drop-off drivers for those eating at home.” username=”foodics”]

Modifier Recipe Breakdown – It’s important to keep track of where all your stock is going, even when customers choose add-ons to their meals you need to know where all the ingredients are being used. Login to you Dashboard and enter the Inventory section to get all the information of the ingredients in your modifier recipes, including unit amounts used.

Why is it important? [bctt tweet=”If a customer orders extra sauce on their chocolate cake dessert this report will tell you how much sugar, flour, milk and other ingredients are needed to make up the extra amount of sauce you are offering as a dish modifier. ” username=”foodics”]

Other Updates – We have also been working on updating our existing reports and features to give you greater insights and flexibility. Here are the hottest updates from the reports and features you love to use:

Inventory Control – You can now reveal or hide the unit cost of each item you sell. If you are shifting 300 litres of milk from one location to another, you can find out how much you are paying for each litre or bottle size of milk and how much milk is left in the original location.

Modifier Details – Sometimes you just need some extra information on your inventory. We’ve made it so that dish modifiers like extra pizza toppings can be more in-depth so now you will have information on how many mushrooms, tomatoes and olives are going in your Modifiers section.

Taxable Modifiers – Now you can add tax on add-on items or modifiers of your dishes. Extra cheese pricing will cost the customer the cheese amount and the tax rate applicable.

Tags – Tags in the Dashboard are used to find out where all the orders are coming from. You can now customise your tags per branch, tag Uber Eats, and get more tags for your customers to get more detailed reports. Have important information like customer age, nationality, and sex as well as other tags too. The best part is that Tags are now accessible from the Cashier POS.


Summary Page – Get greater branch analysis as you will now be able to view average income and average orders for today, yesterday and last week.

Orders Export – Now you can have freedom to see what type of data is shown in your order reports. Customise by branch, cashier, order type, payment method, discounts, tags, products and more to minimise and concentrate data for your convenience.


[bctt tweet=”Stock Taking – The excel sheet will now automatically generate a pre-filled template of your inventory data. Your only task is to fill-out the Storage Quantity, saving you plenty of time.” username=”foodics”]

Support Waste for Void – Gone are the days of when you could only find out why an item sold was rejected by the customer if they had returned it. If the customer wishes to change their mind on purchasing an order you can log-in the details of why the product was wasted even if they hadn’t yet paid for it. Whether that was because it took too long to prepare or the quality was not up to standard, you’ll be in the know.

Blacklist – Got an annoying customer that doesn’t pay on delivery? Now when customers like these make phone-in orders, the Call Center Management app will block their order and that order will have to manually be confirmed by your staff.

[bctt tweet=”Waiter Digital Menu – This app can now let waiters connect to multiple cashiers.” username=”foodics”] It may be a busy night and waiters will be working in and out of different sections and floors in the restaurant, but they will be tallying up payments on as many cashiers they need.

Cashier POS – Foodics has gone even more bilingual! Prices on receipts can be translated to Arabic numbers.

Customer Notifier – You can now add filters by order types to conveniently manage customers who are choosing to dine-in or takeaway.

We are really excited to implement the most interactive and comprehensive updates yet! To better connect your business with your customers, monitor your business effortlessly and with greater accuracy, we will be empowering you with continued updates all the time.