Just like in any business setting, when you’re in the Food & Beverage industry, you’re always looking at ways to boost your profits and increase your sales. Where does my next opportunity lie? What can I leverage into an enhanced consumer experience to make customers want to always return? 

It’s important to create an optimal customer journey from the start. It’s about setting the tone for what’s to come, and one way to do that is through a digital menu. 

Adopting digital menus will provide you with the chance to swiftly grab the attention of your customers and easily engage them with a multimedia display of high-resolution images, well-edited videos and helpful texts. An interactive, engaging digital menu can be key in terms of upselling new items and decreasing wait line times, hence positively impacting sales and customer experience. 

There are a few things to keep in mind when implementing your digital menu:

1. Don’t overcrowd the menu
Make sure your menu is neat, clear and easy to read because overcrowding your menu with dozens of items will make it overwhelming for your customers to choose what they want.

2. Don’t flaunt the prices
Adopt an image and description first approach by building the value of the item and adding the prices in a smaller at the end.

3. Use appetizing images of the food
Leverage the digital aspect of this menu and use sharp, HD images of the food to attract people, entice them to order the items and aid you in increasing your sales.

4. Up-sell items
Make sure to list the items with the highest profit margin first because the first three items listed on the menu usually sell more than the rest. 

The best aspect of a digital menu is that once it’s set up you can dynamically edit it based on customer experience and sales results. With Foodics, you can integrate your digital menu with your POS and access it remotely anytime, anywhere. Get started today and contact us on 800 366 3427 to set up your Foodics subscription, or through Foodics.com