The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the traditional way of doing things across the world, and the Food & Beverage industry was especially impacted. Restaurants had to adapt their business to the changing consumption habits of people with the closure of dine-in options and the shift to delivery instead. 

That’s why to sustain your business within these uncertain times, it’s key to develop and emphasize the delivery facet of your business. Here are a few ways to strengthen your business by increasing delivery orders:

1- Create your own app

Online ordering is key for the success of your restaurant. By developing your own app, you could simplify the ordering process and even integrate the app with your POS to consolidate your business operations within this app. This way customers would be able to easily repeat order and seamlessly pay for their orders, as well as to receive notifications about your promotions. 

2- Work with third-party online ordering apps

People have increasingly turned to third-party online ordering apps due to how easy it has made ordering food to satisfy any craving, and so, it’s important to secure your market share within these apps to ensure you don’t lose your customers to the many restaurants that have leaned into these third-party apps.

3- Create a stellar online menu

It’s vital to make sure your online ordering experience is simple, smooth and seamless for your customers. That’s why you should make sure your menu is clear, concise and comprehensive. Make sure to always optimize and update your menu to facilitate the ordering process for people.   

4- Provide great service

It’s important to offer an experience that will ensure customers come back and continuously support your business. That’s why you should make sure that your items are delivered at the expected time and quality, and that you’re always working to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations. 

5- Give discounts on delivery orders

As a way to entice new and returning customers to order from you and bring attention to your business, you can offer them a discount on their orders for a specific period of time. It will allow you to retain your customers and simultaneously expand your market share.

6- Create exclusive delivery-only menu items

Produce even more incentive for people to order from you by adding exclusive items on your menu, available only through online orders. This will add a differentiating aspect to your online experience from your dine-in operations. 

At Foodics, we are dedicated to enhancing your operations beyond the brick-and-mortar. Through our software, you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate your dine-in and online operations. With our software and its ability to connect to hundreds of third-party apps, including food aggregators, you’ll be able to strongly enter the online delivery realm and anchor your place in the market.

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