24/7 Customer Support

Our team works around the clock to offer constant support whenever needed. Don’t be shy to ask for help, they’re super friendly.

Regular System Updates

Our updates keep the system refined for your experience and improved performance.

Multiple Languages

Our system supports multiple languages and provides the capability to allow users to interact with more than a single language in our interface.

3rd Party Integration

Take the systems to the next level with flexible means of integrating 3rd party system where users benefit from greater operational efficiency and ease of use.

Customer Training

We offer one-on-one training for our customers on the Foodics system with our own professionally trained experts.

Data Export

All data collected by the Foodics system can be exported into multiple data formats.

Custom Reports

Provides multiple reports to track the growth of your business.

User Friendly Systems

Our system is compatible with our targeted user’s ability to use it easily and successfully.

Public API

Our system provides developers with programmatic access to the application.

Secure environment

All information and data collected are encrypted and highly protected.

Bulk Data import

Allows clients to import their business’s database easily into the Foodics system.

Customer Rewards

Take advantage of our reward system offered to our clients and their friends.

Big Data Analysis

The system has the ability to uncover patterns and correlations in the market trends that would be highly beneficial for your businesses.

Free Cosultation

Beside offering a solution we offer a free consultation to enhance your strategies.

Onsite support

Our team is available on-site upon your request.