Food Chain & Franchise POS System Software

Know the ins and outs of every branch you run using the Foodics franchise management system.

Running a Franchise and Food Chain

One of the greatest assets of taking on a franchise is you gain automatic brand recognition with customers. But your work is not done. You need to keep standards consistent with the rest of the branches.

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Deliver Efficiently

Delivery control from door to door, with order tracking, delivery estimations, and driver monitoring.

Connect All Branches

Inspect how other branches are working and match that by tapping into data and following the model.

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Location Know-How

Whether it’s 5 or 5000 locations, whether they’re big or small, and whether they’re local or multinational, you’ll be on the inside of your branches with an API that gathers all data from one system. Measure sales, top selling menu items and branches, staff performance and customer satisfaction to be rest assured that nothing slips by your success rate.

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Team Organisation

Once you get reports on your busy days you’ll also upload staff rotas through the POS system software where staff can accept shifts. That way you’ll have the right number of staff on any given day and your best performers boosting your revenues.

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Phone-In Order

There’s money to be made so you’ve added a phone-in ordering system. When the weekend comes you’ll be ready at any time to place a phone order as the system will record customer address, past orders, and dietary preferences so you’ll put the order through quickly.

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Everyone Loves

Give your customers more reasons to love your franchise with a quick table turnaround time. Let the system estimate finishing tables to avoid waiting for customers, and seat them at the best location for their party.

Discover the right package for you

Your restaurant business has made it big and now you can control every location in any location all from an iOS device. You want a smooth running business that continues to grow. Foodics Franchise POS is there to make that happen your way.

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