How To Get Your Sales Reports?

Sales reports give you beneficial insights about how good your business is doing.

How To Generate a Sales Report

  1. Open “Reports” from the sidebar.
  2. Click on Sales. Select one option from “Sales by” such as Sales by Branch, Sales by Product, etc..

How To Get The Most Out of The Sales Reports:

  • You can select a group from “Group By”.
  • Click on the date to select the date of the report.
  • You can change the metric as you wish.
  • From Filter, you can choose the branch you want.
  • You can export the report by clicking on the “Export” button.

For instance, if you want to see the sales of Pasta in all branches in the last month: Choose Sales by Product, Group by Branches, and select Last Month in the Period and filter by product Pasta.

How To Understand The Report

  • Average Order: Net Sales / Order Count
  • Average per Guest: Net Sales / Guest Count
  • Charges: Total amount of charges in all orders in a selected period.
  • Customers Count: Total number of cutomers that were assigned to orders.
  • Discount Amount: Orders Discounts + Products Discounts – Returned Orders Discounts – Returneed Products Discounts
  • Gross Sales: Products before discount + Tax + Charges – Returned Products before discount – Returned Tax – Returned Charges
  • Guest Count: Total number of guests, the guest number must be equal to or more than the order number.
  • Net Quantity: Total of Done Quantities – Total of Returned Quantities
  • Net Sales: Gross Sales – Discount – Tax
  • Net Sales With Tax: Net Sales + Tax
  • Order Count: Number of done orders.
  • Profit: Net Sales – Cost
  • Return Amount: Returned Products + Returned Charges + Retuned Taxes
  • Return Quantity: Total quantities of returned products
  • Taxes: Tax – Returned Tax
  • Tips: The total amount of given tips.
  • Void Amount: Total Prices of Voided Products.
  • Void Quantity: Total quantities of voided products

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