Inventory Management

Confidently monitor inventory, set alerts to always stay in stock and track levels remotely and in real-time.

Take Control

Track inventory levels from items right down to ingredients.

Do it all in real-time and with day-to-day, weekly and monthly consumption reports.

You’ll be able to set alerts to get notified as soon as you are running low so you can make purchase orders ahead time.

Match Inventory

Never wonder where your ingredients and items have gone. Match actual stock with what the system is recording with reports that specify how missing stock has been used.

  • Searching Made Easy

    You can manage mass searches with various in-depth category options.

  • Power to You

    Empower your business by knowing how much to order every time.

  • Stay Updated

    Record expiry dates, keep track of damaged goods and wasted food.

Keep Track


Each dish will have the exact amount of ingredients and their weights and if your customers add extras and modify their dish you can keep count on how much of your ingredients are being spent there.

Transfer Transparently

Virtually monitor warehouse stock levels and product transfers between branches so nothing goes missing from your list.

Suppliers at your fingertips

Once it’s time to top up on stock you’ll have a full list of your suppliers' contact information at the tips of your fingers, making your orders seamless.