EasyMenu App


Get all your restaurant menu and online ordering needs with EasyMenu integrated to your Foodics POS.

Menu-Building Made Easy

App Details

EasyMenu’s Foodics Package suits all your menu and online ordering needs. You will have one control panel that allows you to navigate the smallest details of the menu and online orders.

Install barcodes for each table and let your customers order directly from the QR code in order to provide a great user experience. EasyMenu allows you to merge with third-party payment aggregators which makes ordering quick and efficient.

Both the EasyMenu team and Foodics team are available for all your technical support inquiries.

App Features

  • Add your products with pictures and prices.
  • Add several menus and control the timing of their appearance.
  • Control the way your orders are managed by activating or canceling (delivery – Dine-in/takeout – payment method).
  • Add Customer’s info and location.
  • Build your online presence by adding your restaurant’s social media accounts.
  • Create your restaurant’s own mobile app with the Foodics’ Package.
  • Use EasyMenu’s services directly through the Foodics system (web cashier, cashier app, call center, etc.)

App Screens​

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