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Get 0% commission on online orders for your restaurant with the power of WhatsApp

Fooder – A digital platform designed to increase workforce efficiency, decrease operating costs, save time, and increase production for restaurants

App Details

Automation has become not just an option, but a necessity for all sectors to achieve the Kingdom’s vision since digital transformation is the main pillar. Based on this, Fooder platform empowers companies and restaurants to enter the digital age by relying on the technology of automation.

App Features

    • Omnichannel Direct Ordering:
      Multiple ordering methods and channels such as WhatsApp, website and social media accounts, and digital menu, Mobile App.
    • Order Types:
      – Delivery
      – Car pickup
      – Dine-in
      – Pickup
    • Logistics/delivery:
      – Manage your own drivers
      – Deal with third-party delivery 15+ companies
      – Hybrid delivery
    • Marketing & Loyalty Programs:
      – WhatsApp marketing campaign through the official API
      – Fooder Onelink for restaurant profile and data tracking
      – Advance coupon and discounts system
    • Automation and Chatbots:
      – Interact with customers, respond promptly to their correspondence, and handle conversations with them without human intervention.

App Screens​

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