A complete suite of features that helps you not only deliver faster, but also improve to grow your delivery business.

يقدّم تطبيق جيت سويفت ميزات متعدّة لتطوير وتحسين خدمة التّوصيل في مطعمك.

Delivery SHOULD Be Easy!

App Details

We started GetSwift in 2013 as a small, Melbourne-based delivery business that was struggling with the same last-mile headaches faced by businesses around the world. We knew there was a better way. We set out to build trailblazing software that would help all organizations automate and simplify their dispatching, tracking, and routing. Today, we’re joining forces to imagine and create the most innovative, smart delivery management software in the world.

Our mission is to make your last mile more intelligent for your organization and more convenient for your customers. Our goal is to provide the easiest-to-use, most innovative delivery management software to help you conquer your last mile, improve your supply chain, and open an abundance of new growth opportunities for your business.

App Features

  • Advanced Dispatching:
    Free up staff time by automatically dispatching jobs in an instant. Choose to dispatch based on distance, driver rating, and other settings that make the most sense for your business.
  • Route Optimization:
    With clients across 70+ countries, we’ve learned how to get routing right. Our constantly-improving algorithm evaluates, scores, and selects the most efficient route to ensure you slash fuel costs, waiting time, and time-to-deliver.
  • Real-Time Driver Tracking:
    When your operations team knows exactly where drivers are at all times, you keep drivers accountable and efficient. With a dashboard that alerts you when a driver is running late, you can manage any exception before it gets real.
  • Driver App:
    Drivers love how easy and hands-free the app is. At every critical stage of their route, SMS alerts are automatically sent to customers so that drivers can focus on their route. If need be, they can easily communicate directly with customers in the app. Key features like proof of delivery ensure a safer delivery experience.
  • Automatic Customer Alerts:
    Keep your customers in-the-know by giving them live tracking maps, ETAs, and customized SMS alerts at every stage of delivery. Turn off certain alerts that don’t suit your business.


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