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Supply your customers with a digital menu, run a smooth online order experience and provide loyalty solutions.

Looking For A Way To Reward Your Customer?

App Details

Nugttah is a customer engagement platform that makes customers close to the business owners by supplying the customer with a digital menu, pickup order experience and loyalty solution that can be tailored and customized to match the business owner needs.

App Features

  • Digital menu:
    Menu will show all products of the shop with price and pictures.
  • Pickup order experience:
    Pickup orders supports the cashier-less/contactless experience to enable customers to place, pay and track their orders using their phones.
  • Loyalty:
    Customers won’t leave the shop without earning points and/or stamps based on your customized loyalty program.
  • Analytics:
    Business owners will be able to access different reports and information to know more about their customers.
  • Marketing:
    You can request marketing campaigns to be triggered through notifications, SMS or emails.

App Screens​

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