Wafeq App


Wafeq is a powerful accounting software for forward-thinking businesses.

Never Worry About Your Bookkeeping Again!

App Details

Send invoices and purchase orders, manage your inventory and your payroll, get dozens of financial reports, invite unlimited users. All in one software.

App Features

  • Work Faster with Spreadsheets:
    No save button — your data is auto-saved as you type. Make bulk changes easily. Copy, paste and autofill just like in Excel.
  • Built-In Employee Expense Claims Module:
    Say goodbye to messy integrations and additional subscriptions to third-party software. Invite employees to submit expense claims straight in Wafeq for managers to approve.
  • Generate Payroll in a Click:
    Automatically generate payslips including any employee expense reimbursements that are outstanding. Edit payslip data on the fly to make ad-hoc adjustments before posting to the ledger.
  • Create Sub-Accounts for Cleaner Reporting:
    Create multi-level sub accounts to organize your reports.
  • Track Your Sales, Expenses and Cash Flow:
    Start running your business like a professional. With Wafeq reports, you get an instant summary of your business.
  • Stay on Top of Unpaid Invoices:
    Keep track of overdue invoices and easily send email reminders.
  • Send Payment Receipts to Your Customers:
    Deliver great customer service by sending professional-looking payment receipts.

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